Thursday, December 10, 2015

World political right swing

Conspiracy or truth?

Support throughout Europe for right wing political parties have risen, due to the refugee situation in these countries, we see the Front National Party in France rising to top in the poles, we see Donald Trump leading the presidential election in the United States, we see how the people become resistant to political correctness, resistance to the behaviour and terminology of destruction and terrorism. 

We see how the people rebel against the policies protecting the very people that threaten their peaceful existence, the claim of humanity that destroy and limit their own rights. Did the people of Europe draw the line in the playground sand? Does this force the last stand of liberalism in the Western world, the collapse of political correctness and the uprising against the financial stronghold and political sabotage of the controlling rich of this world?

The answers to these questions are not easy, as the hidden agendas of politicians have thickened, the hunger for control and power might have played to many cards without consulting their constituencies, without checking their support, or did they do this with a plan of even more power and destructive control in mind? Did the world turned into an apartheid state, a state with no tolerance and the wish to separate the nations of this world, not by ethnic origins but by race and religion?

Through the thick smoke screen the political agendas is unclear, the rise of the Islamic state pushing so called refugees into Europe, refugees that only consist of fighting fit men without any women in sight. The rise of senseless killings in the name of religion, in the name of weapons of mass destruction and perhaps in the name of world economic control, did this cloud of cover thinned out over Europe allowing the people to see through it? Is that the reason for the up rise against the liberal government, the up rise against the governments that financed terrorism in Africa? 
Once again the questions and answers remain hidden in the thick Islamic war smoke screen, in the deception of a magician, where you can only see the result after the trick has been completed.

The time has arrived where we need to ask the right questions, where we need to seek the real answers. Questions like who will benefit if the world currencies collapse if only one currency remain in existence? Is this only a conspiracy theory or a reality, a reality of total economic control? We see the president of South Africa pushing the rand into the ground, with changes. Is he part of the destruction of world currencies, the destruction of all but one? Did he just forgot to put the smoke screen up first, or was done it out of typical idiotic behaviour.

The questions remaining, will we ever see through this smoke screen, will we ever see the change before it totally absorbed the world, or did the people see through the screen?
With more questions than answers, more confusion, I will keep investigating, keep scratching the ground until I can make conclusions, conclusions not based on reality but on the hidden agendas of this world.

Willie Beetge

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