Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Solutions for racism

What is the solution in South Africa?

South Africa with a history of depression and exclusion cannot continue to do so; we look at affirmative action the newest depressive implementation for the past 20 years, the political intervention in sport codes forcing the sport to become representative of the racial ratios in the country. A system where the talent of the player play an extreme small role in his or her selection into sport disciplines. The BEE (black economic empowerment) where companies are forced to hire black employees, where the top jobs have to be filled with black men and women irrespective of their ability to do these jobs, where white, coloured and Indian people are excluded. We look at the collapse of major government pedestals like Eskom, South African Airlines, all in the name of affirmative action. 

Affirmative action that proves unsuccessful, after 20 years with no answer of when government will remove these discriminative practices. The major problem with these affirmative actions are the fact that the black South African did not gain an inch or let me say any financial benefit from the system, the system was design to build an elite of extremely rich cadres of the ANC.

The discriminative practices of BEE fall far from a corrective action that the ANC projected after “apartheid” and the only discrimination of the whites in South Africa. In the Western Cape where the majority of people are brown (coloureds) the employment ratio of companies are exactly the same that in Johannesburg and Durban where the majority of people living in the area are black. This policy discriminate grossly against the coloured people in the Western Cape, it leave the majority of these people without work or prospects of financial involvement. All this are sold to the uneducated voters as the eradication of racism in South Africa. I fail to understand this.

The exclusion of certain cultural groups, and their languages only ensure that the efforts to build a new South Africa will and cannot succeed, the removal of the history of white and coloured people in the war against the third most spoken language (Afrikaans) in the country, after Zulu and Xhosa, does not assist and these practices are the very reason why the rainbow nation has failed. The ANC and the EFF cadres are currently trying to force the University of Stellenbosch to stop the Afrikaans culture, that in an area where Afrikaans is the predominant language the language spoken by the coloured community and the white population in the Western Cape.

What are the solutions for the country and how will it influence the vision of the ANC and the EFF?
South Africa needs the implementation and upholding of the Constitution of the country, we need to go forward upholding minority right and cultures, scrapping all discriminative practices like BEE, empower the people in the country with education that will lead to self-determination and the ability to ensure the eradication of poverty, by creating employment for all. We need a party to lead South Africa to economic freedom and that without nationalisation like Julius Malema and his EFF cadres promise it to work. We need a political party that is prepared to stand on equal rights without being influenced by the next election, without the aim of power, but that of solutions. Let me explain by example, the ANC sold the discriminative practice of black empowerment, they are still promising the poor that this practice will create work for them and the poverty stricken voters believe this, even if it proved over the past 20 years to be a total failure, enriching only the elite and friends of the ruling party.
The unemployment figures of black people in South Africa escalated under these discriminative rules. But the un-educated voters still believe that one day the promise will be knocking on their doors. 

During the discussion of the Black empowerment policies in parliament all the parties except the Freedom Front plus voted for the failed practice to continue. Why will they do this? They are all aiming to compete for the un-educated vote, even if it causes more poverty in the country. None of these parties have voted to ensure equality, to ensure prosperity to their voters they voted for the un-educated vote. The vote supported by the weak education policies of the ANC, an education system that ensure that the majority of voters remain un-educated as these are the votes that keep them in power. Un-educated and poverty stricken people are the best voter for any communist driven policy, communism are the best system on paper, the un-educated cannot see the practical failures in the system, and therefore they are the best supporters.

It seems that the Freedom Front plus is the only political party that are actually thinking of the future of a non-communist society, where the people can determine their futures, irrespective of the votes in the next election. The DA, official opposition, that we all voted for, of the ANC has followed the ANC and their discriminative practices to such a point that their only opposition is that of Jacob Zuma, they have become the “break away” type of ANC, supporting all their discriminative practices, but the president.

Now if we implement the solutions of total economic freedom, non-racial practices, job creation and a better education, it will remove all power from the ruling party, from the EFF and with the latest support for BEE from the DA.

If the solution is in opposition of the majority of parties in parliament, the right for self-determination of all the ethical groups in South Africa become more and more likely to be the only solution. Where discrimination and racism will be eliminated and the implementation of creation of employment will not be halted by the aim to control the vote. The solution might be a federal type of government, like the USA, where the states can ensure prosperity within their own borders, where voters can see that the communist systems does not work.

Is This the solution for a Burning South Africa under ANC rule

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South Africa is burning under the false leadership of the ANC and the EFF