Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hair in school’s racial soup

The quality of good leaders are to encourage others to do better, to do more and to achieve more, not to do less, to make noise and to destroy all.

Skin colour, hair extensions become a mob driven minor two step on the fields of Pretoria Girls High school, after a minor under the influence of racial discrimination took hands with the Minister of Education in a bid to prove that hair rules at the school are based on skin colour like the countries equity rules on BBBEE. 
The drive to resist rules and regulations become the outcry for freedom and might pave the way for the long walk to captivity, the long walk to undermine regulations, to undermine minorities and to establish a stronghold for the rights of students. In future it might become illegal to educate if the colour of your skin and bounce in your hair are not within the rules of Nkandla the home of the Chinese ambassador to South Africa, Jacob Zuma. The outcry against the very rules that ensure greatness in schools, universities and the communities, driven by ridiculous teenagers, teenagers that echo the voices of their parents in their struggle to overcome their fear of the white minority in South Africa.

Ridiculous become the norm and stupidity become the aim, even Max Du Preez start looking normal, after his idiotic statement that the DA is the voice of the white South Africans, in his bid to have a national anthem that his musical ear can harmonise with. Max can learn from the “mob” driven Pretoria girl how to harmonise music while pushing her chest out to security personal, wrapping the same words like a cd in a dusty old radio.

The Minister of Education pledged to look into the matter, to investigate the dress code rules in all model C schools, while the children sexual protection act is totally ignored with video predators filming a minor pushing her chest out protesting and then splash it all over social media, and that without any written permission from the guardian, who at that moment was the school.

The sexual body language of a teenager has captured the media including social media, which make me wonder what is brewing and need to be covered by a reverse Penny Sparrow scenario.

My argument is, if the rules of the school needs investigation let it be done, but without the sensational assistance of the media, run the investigation without the exploitation of minors all over the media; fix the wrongs without the twitter miles for self-made celebrities with tears in their eyes, and a minister with nice political correct words.

The quality of good leaders are to encourage others to do better, to do more and to achieve more, not to do less, to make noise and to destroy all.

Willie Beetge

Sunday, August 28, 2016

The plan to destroy a nation

28 August 2016
Under the smoke screen of BBBEE they have lead the road to capturing the capital of a country, to blindfold the masses with promises of Black empowerment, while all the empowerment went to the comrades of destruction, the comrades who were in exile during apartheid, withholding it from the people that had to endure the laws of apartheid. 

South Africa the home of cultural and language diversity, a country with enough resources and basic abilities are currently swallowed whole by political greed and a drive to divorce the economic structure from capitalism, a drive to destroy the very cultural power of individual groups by sucking them into a new world order system, a system of large government and Nationalisation of entities and property with the promise that this will diminish the inequalities of the past, that it will elevate the poverty stricken population to equal grounds of prosperity. The masses is hanging onto this promise, a promise of unionised job opportunities, a promise of equal rights and a promise that capital will be moved from the rich to empower the poor. To achieve the point of economic destruction, the point where nationalisation can be implemented it is necessary to cripple the economy, to cripple the stand fast cultural strength of the individual and of the groups representing them, to drive a wedge of conflict between the citizens of the country. It will be necessary to desensitise the population to wrong and right, to accept the unacceptable as  the way to assist others.

Slowly they have bring corruption murder and economic fall into action, so slow that the man in the street and the ignorant do not smell the destruction rat, so that the crippled economy and the possible genocide in a country became so normal, that we accept it under the name of “the new South Africa. What better way to do this than to brainwash the population with a President that cannot pronounce the number of his supporters, a president with no qualifications, a president that the population can blame for the weak performance of the Rand.

How far have we been desensitised?

The apartheid government brought the Rand down to 4 Rand to the USD, a point of absolute disaster a point where they had to negotiate and abolish their believes to save the country, at the moment we are in ecstasy when the Rand strengthen to ten rand to the USD, we have lost sight of the economic fall of the weakness of our Rand, we have lost the sensitivity of growth and exchange it for the freedom of captivity. We have change our vision on growth to a vision of survival, and then we blame the ANC under the capable hands of Jacob Zuma for the economic instability, the instability needed to destroy capitalism in the country, we have lost vision of the fact that the ANC and the communist party (SACP) are partners, partners to nationalise all the assets in the country. When Jacob Zuma visit the communist China we see it as trade relations, we even start believing in the communist system, a system of so called equality, a system of hope.

If we start looking in detail at the system, we realise that the ANC under Jacob Zuma have entered their most successful era since the end of apartheid, they have managed to change the opposition parties into a fullyassisted entity to destroy the economy, they have changed their strongestopposition party into the ANC of twenty years ago, giving them the opportunity to swing further left, they have removed our attention from the economic destruction and focussed it on the corruption of Jacob Zuma, they managed to take control of all the large news agencies and of the social networks. Whenever Jacob and his comrades blame apartheid, or even Jan van Riebeeck for their shortcomings, social media are totally captured with opinions while they the ANC can drive forward without any repercussions of media exposure.

Under the smoke screen of BBBEE they have lead the road to capturing the capital of a country, to blindfold the masses with promises of Black empowerment, while all the empowerment went to the comrades of destruction, the comrades who were in exile during apartheid, withholding it from the people that had to endure the laws of apartheid.

This smokescreen rolled over the eyes of not only the poverty stricken black South African but also the minority groups who feel that they need to assist to eradicate the injustices of the past. Blindfolded we empowered the cadres, blindfolded we followed the masked journalist like Max Du Preez telling us to assist the fall of our economy, to assist the implementation of the most captive and murderous system in the world, communism, and blindfolded we follow.

While we are all in ecstasy about the local election results, the ANC continue with the destruction, their agenda to get total control under Jacob Zuma, their aims to capture the economy of the country. While the newspapers are filled with DA victories and the attack on Pravin, the ANC and their allies, including the EFF, are plotting to destroy the major opposition parties in the country, while the opposition and population smile for their last freedom photos in arrogance.

The question will remain, how much will the vote in 2019 mean if the economy is in the hands of an ANC EFF coalition?

Willie Beetge

Saturday, August 27, 2016

DA might stumble over the most brilliant trap in history.

The sudden calmness of the radical EFF should have ring loud bells in their ears; the sudden appointment of major candidate by the ANC against the wish of the voters should have been red flags and millions of questions. All communist driven political parties are well known for their ability to allow the opposition to under estimate them, and so I think the DA did.
After a successful campaign build on defeating the ANC at all cost, with certain lies that the DA turned into unobtainable promises, and the EFF skilfully sidestepped coalitions with the DA, they the DA will have to watch their step as they stumble between the obstacles that they have created. Promises was made to the electorate to, for instance remove E-tolls when they get into power in Johannesburg and Tshwane, while they were well aware that the local municipality does not have the authority to do so, they were well aware or at least should have been aware that the E-tolls are governed by national government and not local government. Many unsuspected voters voted for change, change promised by those who were well aware that they have no power to change it, many of the working class stand tirelessly waiting to cast their vote, a vote against corruption and e-tolls, and many will be disgruntled by the fact that neither the corruption nor the e-tolls might be removed.

The DA was well aware that the fight against corruption is a fight against powerful individuals and their current jobs, a fight against COSATO and all his allies. The time has now arrived to eradicate the corruption and stop the E-Tolls, to prove that their election campaign was not based on a Cape Town model only, but on a South African reality. The EFF has seen through the smoke screen of the DA, they have seen through the peephole of a possible collapse of the main opposition and skilfully aligned themselves in a neutral, but powerful negotiation position, a position that will allow them to pick the crumps of the main table and change these crumps into bread for their political future. The EFF has set the trap, and are now patiently waiting for the main opposition to stumble, before they will change their vote against them (DA) to make the Metros ungovernable. It seems as if Julius did not set his targets on the municipal election but rather on the 2019 national elections, an election where he will need to prove that the main opposition is no longer the people who know how to govern.

I cannot see how the DA will be able to govern successfully while they are held hostage by the EFF and COSATO, I cannot see how they will remain able to clean these Metros up while they need to please unions who will strike and destroy the operations in any Metro, if one of their corrupt brother are removed from any position of power. With one of the most comprehensive traps ever set and one the most powerful combinations executing the operation of the trap, the DA will be held responsible for any lie that they have promised, for any misrepresentation that they have uttered in arrogance.  Through the history from main opposition of the old National party through the Zille era to the now Maimane era proved that their analytical skills and ability to predict movements from communist driven parties like the ANC and SACP were always lacking. The analytical skill failure was never due to a lack of intelligent information, but the untouchable arrogance with which they perceive the facts and blindly scattered for crisis management solutions. The ANC and the EFF are well aware of these problems within the ranks of the DA, they are well aware that the main opposition will only realize that they have trapped them after the so called “fat lady” started to sing. 

The sudden calmness of the radical EFF should have ring loud bells in their ears; the sudden appointment of major candidate by the ANC against the wish of the voters should have been red flags and millions of questions. All communist driven political parties are well known for their ability to allow the opposition to under estimate them, and so I think the DA did.

The question that probably dances on every reader lips at this stage will be; why will the ANC allow the lost in votes and power to get the opposition to under estimate their abilities? I will attempt to answer it as follow. During the twenty odd years that the ANC been in power in South Africa they never managed to overcome the two third majority, enabling them to change the free country to a  captive country, the DA and the opposition parties managed to constrain them from this ultimate goals. If they can expose the DA and break their stronghold on perfect governance the picture might change dramatically, with the help of the current EFF and self-claimed supporters of the ANC the final assault on opposition parties can be delivered. We must keep in mind that the EFF would have played ball with the ANC if they were to remove Jacob Zuma, Jacob Zuma that managed to destabilize the country and its economy far better than any of his predecessors, the President that came the closest to collapse the capitalist system in South Africa. The same Jacob Zuma that allowed the DA to run an election campaign against him and the ANC and not for what they stand or believe in, who proved that he can play the role of destroyer while the population blamed it on his intelligence and not his ability to overturn the capitalist system.  With his closely knitted friendship of communist China and first hand advice on destroying capitalism, with a parliament of freedom fighters and the previously known “rooi gevaar” all on his side, South Africa might have the red dot of the assassins on his chest, we might be lined up for the final assault against capitalism and freedom.
We all hope that these predictions is unfounded, that the ANC and their communist allies are suffering from intellectual failure, that the ANC are only holding onto Zuma because they need more unlawful contracts. We need to hope that they are not playing a master chess game against us, but rather that they really fell into the trap of arrogance.

Willie Beetge

The misconception of governments

After all these questions it seems that government remains above the law, the laws that they passed to control their employers.

Large so called democratic governments and political parties have the misconception that they are the masters and the electorate and taxpayers are their subjects, subjects that must endure and accept any decision from the elected and paid government, in exchange for their only democratic right, their vote. Ironically in the same country the labour laws define the employer, as the person who pay the salaries by employing employees to fulfill  certain functions, it also define the employee as the person receiving compensation for work done. According to this definition the elected democratic government become the employee and the voters and taxpayers the employer, the newly government should then have an employment contract from the citizen stating their duties and mandates to fulfill the labour requirements of the same country.

The first question that start peeping through the loopholes of governance and the same laws that the governments implemented, should then be, is the labour laws legal and if so why are so many excluded from these laws? Secondly, can the citizens then follow the labour law prescriptions by calling the contract to end, if the employee does not perform their duties, and does the government (employee) have the right to appeal it before an organization like the CCMA? Surely the employer have the right and the duty to ensure the survival of their companies in this case their countries, and surely the contract of employment give the employer then the right to break the contract with prescribed compensation.

The next question must then be about the mandate that voters give the political parties to represent them; does this mandate include the right to appoint any person in the party to lead us? Is it legal to ask voters to vote for promises instead of manifesto? Does a political party then have the right to ask voters to only vote for them to diminish another party, and if so, do I then have the right as an employer to employ someone for the sole purpose of pushing another employer out, without any repercussions of the labour law?

The question does government have the right to own property and taxable companies as an employee with a five year mandate? Taxable companies that pay their own salaries, tax that make them a partner in the employee employer relationship? These questions cannot be readily answered, it might contravene the very laws that government implemented to govern their employers.

The election campaign of any political party, competing to be employed can be seen as an interview, an interview to persuade the employers to vote for their employment, does this mean that any false information and or promises laid before the employer can be seen as fraudulent and lead to immediate dismissal as stipulated in the labour act?

Obviously a country cannot be run within the labour laws set out by the government if it applied to them, so how do they expect the companies who contribute to the micro and macro economy to run according to these laws? The very same companies who create employment and tax revenue to pay the salaries of the lawmakers, lawmakers that restrict the ability in the name of human rights, human rights that the same lawmakers do not recognise during the run for government.

The last questions that I need to ask need to be answered to the background of government stipulation of no work no pay, does this means that the taxpayer can withhold his taxes if government does not deliver? Can we withhold our taxes if the police do not serve the people?

After all these questions it seems that government remains above the law, the laws that they passed to control their employers.

Willie Beetge

Thursday, August 25, 2016


Are liberals evil or just ignorant

The targets of communism and the role of the liberal to achieve it, remain one of the open questions of the century. 
Vladimir Lenin said “People that promote communism are not all communists, but useful liberals”.  

To investigate the role of liberals and the targets of communism we need to go back to the time of Karl Marx, investigating what happen to communism after the death of Marx, and the birth of the Vabian socialist movement that started thereafter.  The major difference between the two were their approach on spreading communism, Karl Marx use the radical militant approach, where military force was of essence, while the Vabian movement concentrated on an internal method forcing world government to fall from within.

The genius methods that they used are described in the book “The Naked Communist, by W Clean Skousin, published in 1958” let’s first look at a few of the aims and targets of communism out of this book. I have selected a few targets to show the current direction.

Target 28Eliminate prayers in schools, by sensitising the difference between churches and government

Target 40: Discredit the family as an institution, encourage promiscuity and easy divorce

Target 17Get control of the schools, using them as transmission belts to promote communism, by getting control of teacher associations

Target 18Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them censorship and a violation of the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press

Target 25: break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography in books, magazines and motion pictures

Target 26Present homosexuality, degeneration and promiscuity as normal, natural and healthy

Target 20 and 21infiltrate the press, gain control of key positions in radio, television and motion pictures

Target 27: Infiltrate churches, replacing “revealed religion” with “social religion”. Discredit the Bible.

Communism preaches that they will take from the rich to give to the poor, the ability of equality for all, they preach freedom, but are this freedom really free? This question must be asked against the background of large communist governments enslaving their population to serve the state, against the background where citizens of communist countries are threaten with imprisonment and even execution if they refuse the enslavement. We need to ask the questions of the paper perfect system against the background where more than 135milj people had to die for the ideology, where if you include the legalization of the abortion drive this figure are well into the 500milj. 

They hang the carrot of equality and enrichment in-front of the poverty stricken people of a country, preaching that their circumstances are caused by the supremacy of the rich. In theory these promises and fault diagnoses of the current system make sense to the people, opening the soapbox politicians to increase their own power in exchange for the economy of the country.

For the sake of this article I am not going to dwell too deep into the argumentative system of communism, but rather on the original question.

To come back to the original question, are the liberal thinking politicians evil, or just ignorant? This question can only be answered by more questions.

Are they perhaps blinded by the promise of equality and a better life for all, without blinking an eye towards the big picture?
Are they driven by the hunger for power, power at all cost, even at the cost of their voters?
If these two questions are answered, the question of evil or ignorant might just be cleared up for us.

Your comments on this article will be appreciated, and considered while my investigation into the cause of social collapse and deterioration of our value systems continue.

Willie Beetge

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

EFF not sellouts, insists Malema

Parliament – Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema on Tuesday insisted he was not a sellout, saying their collaboration with the Democratic Alliance (DA) was done solely to keep the ruling party out of power in the country’s key metros.
“Now people say to us why do you vote for white people when you say you are fighting white monopoly capital? Hey, the country is collapsing. I cannot keep on saying we are fighting white monopoly capital because after defeating white monopoly capital there will not be a country to inherit,” Malema said during an urgent debate on the recent local government elections which saw the African National Congress (ANC) unseated from power in the key metros of Tshwane, Johannesburg and Nelson Mandela Bay.

EFF leader Julius Malema shakes hands with DA leader Mmusi Maimane. File picture: Elmond Jiyane. Credit: GCIS
“You [ANC] would have collapsed this country, so this is an emergency. We had to pause and rescue this country first and continue to fight against white supremacy and against white monopoly capital so that when we defeat white monopoly capital, then we will find a country called South Africa,” Malema said.
During the first meeting of the new Johannesburg council on Monday, which saw opposition parties defeat the ANC to take control of the metro, EFF supporters protested their party’s position, claiming their party were sellouts.
Eralier at the debate DA leader Mmusi Maimane warned the ANC that the arrogance of its leaders had led to the party’s poor showing at the polls in the country’s metros.
Maimane said he had some sober advice for the ruling party. “To my ANC colleagues on this side of the house, the lesson of this election is very clear – never take voters for granted,” he said.
“The voters are watching us and they will throw us out of office if we disrespect them.”
Maimane took a swipe at President Jacob Zuma, who during campaigning prior to the August local government polls, claimed that the ANC would rule until Jesus came.
“And so I say to my DA colleagues in the 33 governments we now lead: ‘Let us never arrogantly claim that we have a divine right to rule, or that we will govern until Jesus comes back. Let us govern with grace and humility. Let us listen to the people who put us into power’.”
The opposition party leader said the recent polls showed the country was at a “tipping point”, bringing with it the realignment of politics.
“The age of the arrogant dominant party is over. A new dawn of vibrant, multi-party politics is upon us.”

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Zuma Zoeloe kind

Zuma Zoeloe kind

en as jy was ‘n Zoeloe kind, onder Koning Dingaan
sou jy dan ook sy beeste steel en hom vertel dit het vergaan
sou jy dan sy beeste aan die boer verkoop, geldjie in jou sak insteek
en vir die koning se die boere het jou sleg verneek
deur die beeste van jou trop te steel
terwyl jy oor die geldjie in jou sakkie streel
Zuma Zoeloe-kind waar het jou mamma jou ge-vind

hoe sou jy dan na koning bees kon kyk
terwyl jy net jou goue sakkie wou ver-ryk
hoe lank sou dit wees
voor die koning jou kon lees
voor die impi sou kon sien
dat jy slegs jou eie sakkie dien
Zuma Zoeloe kind waar het jou mamma jou gevind

hoe lank sou die goud in jou sakkie le
voor die koning dit terug wou he
hoeveel bees sou jy moes steel
om Nkandla in te deel
voor die impi jou sou vang
en jou teen die rotse oor die see laat hang
Zuma Zoeloe kind waar het jou mamma jou gevind

sou jy in Dingaan se tyd ook moes vlug
en oor jou skouer skree dit was Jan se klug
verbanneling, van jou eie land
hier in die Zoeloe kant
sou vele vrou jou hart moes streel
terwyl jy ‘n nuwe nasie teel
Zuma Zoeloe kind waar het jou mamma jou gevind

Willie Beetge

Malema outplay Maimane

Article from the Citizen newspaper

EFF chief Malema leaves DA leader Mmusi Maimane looking flat-footed. It’s a bit like watching two swordsmen, one with a rapier, the other with a cricket bat. The latter might strike an incapacitating blow, but only if he doesn’t bleed out first.

After weeks of arm wrestling, marathon negotiations and vaulting ambition, the first round of SA’s local government Olympics draws to a close. Now comes the really tough part, complete with mudslinging and backstabbing, as sworn foes try to nudge one another aside, jostling to retain a toehold on the winner’s podium.
In all of this horse trading, EFF leader Julius Malema has again shown his tactical genius. The EFF won’t enter into any formal coalition but it will not, at least initially, vote against the DA in the minority-government metros, thus depriving the ANC of control. So Malema screws the ANC for not dumping President Jacob Zuma, as it had demanded, while “not getting into bed with the better devil” of the DA.
Malema keeps his hands ideologically clean but on the levers of power. He runs rings around his opponents and plays the media like a fiddle. This week’s EFF briefing on its coalition plans was held in the dusty veld overlooking the shanties of Alex.
The equivalent DA press conference was in a Sandton hotel. Or as more than one journalist promptly described it, a “swish”, “swanky” hotel, drawing an obliging contrast of the salt of the earth EFF versus the effete, out-of-touch DA.
Malema leaves DA leader Mmusi Maimane looking flat-footed. It’s a bit like watching two swordsmen, one with a rapier, the other with a cricket bat. The latter might strike an incapacitating blow, but only if he doesn’t bleed out first.
A largely uncritical public swallows this showmanship whole, exactly as it is served up by a largely gullible media that treats Malema less as a politician to be interrogated than as a celebrity to be promoted. It’s a problem, also, because neither the ANC, nor the DA, appears to comprehend the ruthlessness of Malema, as well as his indifference to the political niceties that they subscribe to.
Business Day’s Natasha Marrian describes how Maimane “waffled” in answer to a question about DA willingness to remove Die Stem from the national anthem, one of Malema’s non-negotiable demands for coalition. Malema earlier told journalists Maimane had agreed and confided to him that “having Die Stem … was like having Jewish people singing Nazi songs”. Maimane, says Marrian, “issued a thin denial”.
“It was an awkward moment.” Maimane and his supporters are understandably delighted at the DA’s potentially game-changing successes. But the ease at which the EFF has bested them in the post-electoral negotiations should be a matter of concern.
And there is still the ANC’s reaction to come. When it emerges from licking its wounds it will be to deploy every mechanism that a powerful government has at its fingertips – national budgets, the public service, the power of legislation and demarcation – to reclaim control.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Left at the altar by the devil you didn’t know.

When you propose to the devil you do not know, it's sometimes a blessing if he leave you at the altar.

During coalition talks the stage was set for the unusual marriage proposal between the DA and the controversial EFF, one week before the final announcement of “till 5 years do you part”, the first racial controversy was announced on social media, in an effort to distract the gobsmacked DA voters from the final rape of their honest vote to remove the ANC from power. Suddenly the first racial incident as that of Penny Sparrow, hit internet, again an Estate Agent, but this time recorded on video insulting a black police officer. The video and discussions took of well, but crash landed far too soon for the announcement, this video was immediately replaced with the news, that the illusive Penny Sparrow will now appear in court, with lawyers defending herself in a criminal case forthcoming from the “monkey” escapades of a previous statement.

Previously the Sparrow monkey initiation distracted South Africa by hi-jacking the entire media including social media, while the land reform act was discussed in parliament, where the value of property was left in the incapable hands of Municipalities, municipalities to corrupt to manage their own affairs received the right to expropriate land, for the development of the community. This act gave the very right of property away into the hands of the same people who steal the money allocated for development, an open ended act that does not exclude any type of property. The Sparrow debacle kept South Africa in the dark, while the population split in halve, black South Africans offended by Sparrow calling them monkeys, and White South Africans offended by been called racist whenever they partake in any debate surrounding the Sparrow comment on Facebook. Gareth Cliff was removed from idols because he dared to raise and opinion. The government and large political parties found the way to hi-jack the population while introducing laws against the community, against the freedom of speech and against the freedom of the free market system in the Republic. They found a way to introduce a communist system without a peep from the public.

The same trend started immediately when the DA proposed marriage to the EFF, who believe in nationalization of mines and expropriation of white owned land without compensation. The broader base of the DA vote was from the very people that the EFF wanted to destroy, the white South Africans, the land owners who believed that the DA will take the rains from the corrupt ANC, they believed in a vote for change a vote for a better South Africa. It is peculiar how the newly born racial storm disappeared like mist in the sun after Julius Malema, leader of the EFF, announced that they will leave the DA at the altar, when he announced that coalitions will not happen between the EFF and the DA or with the ANC.

Left with on your one knee on the carpet and a wedding ring in your right hand has never been such a blessing for South Africa, a blessing for the mislead voters and for the citizens of Tshwane and Johannesburg.

Willie Beetge

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Freedom Front Plus coalition statement

Coalitions need to find common ground - Pieter Mulder

FF Plus says there is a recognition SA is in a crisis, and opposition parties have to cooperate for common good
Coalition agreement between the FF Plus and other parties in the interest of the people of South Africa
The coalitions between the FF Plus and other parties to form local governments and therefore force the ANC from governing positions, is a historical event to the advantage of all people in South Africa, Dr. Pieter Mulder, leader of the FF Plus says.
During the signing of the agreements, Dr. Mulder said the domination of the ANC on the political field to date has to a large extent defeated the positive role that coalitions between opposition parties could have played 
He said the FF Plus’ predictions that coalitions would play a big role after the 2016 local government elections have materialised and for the first time in this country’s dispensation, coalitions will play a large role as a system of checks and balances to ensure better government.
“The FF Plus told its voters that we would be part of a coalition, and we would carry the values and principles of the party into the coalition because it is one of the positive options which our electoral system offers and which can now for the first time be properly utilised.
“We are entering a new political phase which is characterised by a wide-ranging group pf political parties that will cooperate on a local level to govern. The agreement between parties reads, amongst others that the objective of the coalitions is to bring honest, open, accountable and workable government to the people of South Africa.
“It is now also clear that all parties involved in this are important, the large ones and the smaller ones. This brings a clear and loud message to the public that they can vote for the party of their choice, and that their vote will not be wasted, but will be used to make South Africa a better place.
 “If parties are going to try swallowing each other up, or silence each other, this agreement will not work. We all realise this. We also realise that South Africa is in a crisis and that all the relevant parties will have to act responsibly and cooperate the best they can.
“The emphasis should not be placed on differences, but rather where there is common ground. If this is done, governments will succeed, and the country can reach its full potential. The FF Plus will give its full cooperation in this,” Dr. Mulder said.
Statement issued by Dr. Pieter Mulder, FF Plus Leader, 17 August 2016
Article from

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Flavoured “mielie pap” for Jacob Zuma

“Now with an Nkandla with no chickens, a depleted budget and a debt of millions for the upgrades , Uncle Jacob might find himself to be the next ambassador of Westville Prison, or will his bought leaders be happy with flavoured “mielie pap” to keep him as president of their own Banana Republic.”

President Jacob Zuma once again made history by leading the once powerful African National Congress to their worst election performance in the history of the organisation, that after the ANC lost control of at least three major Metros after the local Government election on the 3rd of August. The ANC did not manage to win any of their strongholds with a large enough majority to govern without coalition arrangements with other parties, as voters show their disgust in the leadership under the corrupt Jacob Zuma. Voters rallied after opposition parties to remove the president from his pedestal. 

If the ANC support keep falling like it did in this local election, President Jacob Zuma will be able to pronounce the number of supporters of the ANC within a few years, he will be able to count his support without leaving the comfort of his home, now under the leadership of the IFP.

In a surprised move the ANC did not blame their poor results on the arrival of Jan van Riebeeck in the Cape, or the “apartheid” government of more than 20 years ago, they lay the blame on the electoral procedures, on the shoulders of the proportional voting system, that assist smaller parties in forming coalition governments, representing their minority voters, a system that can benefit the “now” ruling party in the future when they are reduced to one of the small parties. 

The second surprise was the announcement of Gwede Matashe, secretary general, of the ANC, where he announced that the ANC take full responsibility for the poor results, an absolute first sign of accountability from the ANC in their 20 odd years of governance, unfortunately the brilliance stopped right there as he continued by saying that president Jacob Zuma was not responsible for the decline in popularity. During this speech of Matashe the economy and world opinion of South Africa and the king of Nkandla must have rocketed and collapsed within a few seconds, as he accepted responsibility and denied responsibility within the same paragraph of his speech, this error will probably be blamed on “apartheid” and the lack of education that the cadres had during their luxury life’s in exile, while their black voters was under the rule of “apartheid”.

I cannot help myself, to wonder what "hold" does Jacob Zuma have on the ANC leadership, what secrets have been hidden under the hat of cadres like Gwede Matashe and the well paid following of the ANC leadership. Wonder if they discussed the one billion Rand that they spend on food parcels and frozen chicken to buy voters just before the election, the astonishment of the meeting that voters ate their chicken and food parcels without voting for them. Perhaps they are investigating the flavour of the chicken and wondered if a bag of chicken flavoured “mielie pap” (Maize porridge) would not have been a better deal.

Now with an Nkandla with no chickens, a depleted budget and a debt of millions for the upgrades of Nkandla, Uncle Jacob might find himself to be the next ambassador of Westville Prison, or will his bought leaders be happy with flavoured “mielie pap” to keep him as president of their own Banana Republic.

Willie Beetge  

Monday, August 15, 2016

Will eff coalition have effect on local government?

Will eff coalition have effect on local government?

Julius Malema and his freedom fighters emerge as the biggest winners in the local elections.

The South African voters and the Democratic Alliance (DA) managed to assist the newly found freedom fighters to become the biggest winners in the local elections, as they became the “kingmakers” in all the major Metros in South Africa. With poor voter education on how the proportional voter system, and the coalitions in South Africa work, voters mislead by the second largest political party, the DA, stream to voting stations under the impression that a vote for the DA will be a vote against the ANC, a vote for change. The voters was not aware that the backdoor was left open for the radical EFF, who believe in nationalisation of mines and land removal from whites without compensation, to become the only viable partners to govern the major Metros. The majority white support for the DA to eliminate the ANC was not aware that their vote for the DA was a vote for the very same party who want to destroy them. The Economic Freedom Fighters of Julius Malema, the very same Malema who like to sing “kill the Boer”. (Boer the slang for white Afrikaners and farmer). The same song that we believe has led to multiple farm murders, mutilations, and rape of the white “boere” (farmers) in South Africa.

With the excuse that this is not a national election but only local, the DA continued with discussions with the EFF, they keep telling the astonished voters that this is about service delivery and not national laws, keep reminding the voters that it is to ensure the fall of the ANC and the corruption associated with the ruling party. Although all these statements are true, it remains our duty and responsibility to ask questions, questions about the integrity and the mandate that voters gave the DA to govern, the mandate for change.
Did the voters give a mandate to the DA to form coalitions with the EFF?

What powers will the EFF have in the local metros and what influence will it have on the voters within these Metros?

And then

Will it strengthen the EFF in the next national election, and will the DA have the right to form a national coalition with the EFF?

Personally I do not believe that the white voters gave the DA a mandate to form a coalition with the EFF, I do not believe that the DA has the right to enter into this coalition or even coalition talks with the EFF.

On the second question, we need to look at the influence that the EFF will have within these large Metros, the newly found control that they will have on contracts within these areas, the control that they will have on distribution of funds and budgets, the control that they will have on tax distributions within these Metros. With a clear communist agenda and the drive to get more votes in the National election will they insist on breaking the current infra structure down to equalise the poverty stricken areas with the business hub within these Metros? Will they insist on squatter camps within the business hub of these Metros, destroying the capitalist systems within these areas?

Then the most obvious question:
Will the DA stand up against these Freedom Fighters and risk to lose their Black vote in the next elections?

One thing is clear; there are more questions than answers, more areas of concern than areas of certainty. 

The DA did keep one promise and that is change, if it will be a change that their voters wanted or not need to be answered.

Willie Beetge

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Diversity coalitions and the FF+

My view on the Freedom Front Plus

Diversity of ethical groups, languages, races and aspiration of each group has been the artist canvas of the political painting of the future of South Africa, the painting where each group want to be recognised, uplifted and protected within a constitution of equal rights, where each ethical group want to remain unique under a prosperous economy with the right of basic human co-existence. The need for proper understandable education, self-determination, the right to job opportunities, basic fundamental representation in the political arena became of utmost importance to the people of South Africa.

The Freedom Front Plus embraces the diversity and make-up of our nation, and the need to lead and represent these people into a future of coalition governance. A political organisation that stand against racism and any form of discrimination, an organisation who believe that we cannot change the past, but surely the future. It is of no value to dwell on the injustices of the past, it is of no value to rectify injustices from the past with new injustices into the future.

The basic right of representation cannot be adhere to by one large political party, but rather a coalition of smaller parties who can forward the mandate of their voters into the political arena, who can forward and represent the ethical values, languages and diversity of the voters in the country. Large political parties cannot represent the minority of their voter base, as that will be in conflict with the mandate that their voters gave them, it will violate the basic right to have your vote represented.

The foundation of growth cannot be set in an environment of discrimination, like BBBEE, affirmative action, land reform and race based quota systems, it cannot be founded in any form of race, ethical or language based discrimination. The Freedom Front Plus is therefore the only party that voted against these discriminative practices in parliament, the only party that embrace the diversity and make-up of our population, the only party that do not use their voters as a bargaining chip in exchange for power, power that does not benefit their voters. The Freedom Front Plus believes that voters must vote what they believe, vote for their own determination, they believe that this will force coalitions with larger parties and force the representation of all in South Africa.

The questions that we need to answer;

Can we afford not to follow this type of system in South Africa?

Can we afford to fall into a newly found discriminative large political party system again, who will have no option than to discriminate against their minorities voters?

Willie Beetge

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Will the EFF have enough lentils in their soup to buy the DA

Will the EFF have enough lentils in their soup to buy the DA

Coalition talks became the talk of the moment, after neither the ANC nor the DA managed to secure an outright majority in some of the major Metro districts in South Africa. Suddenly the smaller parties became of utmost importance, became the kingmakers, that after the DA send messages out to all voters before the elections that a vote for small parties are a waste of your vote. This untrue message forced voters believing in the smaller parties to rather not vote, than to stand in long queues to cast a wasted vote. 
This action contributed to a situation where the DA are now sitting with coalition talks with parties like the EFF, a radical left wing party who believe that mines must be nationalised and property must be removed from white owners without compensation. Voters who supported the DA are now sitting with a real problem, where they gave their vote and full mandate to a party that will use it to their own benefit instead of the benefit of the voter.
Did the greed to win blinded the DA or did they plan to eliminate the small parties and have coalitions with the enemy? This question became real during the election when they used their muscle and financial ability to destroy smaller parties, instead of fighting radical parties like the EFF, they convinced their voter to vote blindly, not for what they (DA) stand, but against the ANC. The campaign seems to have worked, as they secured major growth in the currently hang Metro’s of Tshwane, Johannesburg and Nelson Mandela Bay, but are their coalition plans carrying the mandate of the voters, or did they just used them to get to this position? This question will remain hanging, with the hope that some major event will steal the lime light of breaking news, when they announce coalitions signed.
The real question that will stay on my lips will be, will the EFF dish up enough lentils in their soup to hijack the DA into a coalition? and then, will the DA exchange their voters mandate for this pot of lentil soup?

Willie Beetge.

Sunday, August 7, 2016


DA wins, but what about their minority voters?

A few weeks ago I warned minority group voters, that a coalition between the EFF and the DA will be on the cards in the major Metro’s, at this point before the municipal elections the DA candidates around South Africa denied and promised their voters that the DA will never do a thing like this, some of them even promised their voters that the DA do not support BBBEE, affirmative action and land reform, that after they voted for all three in parliament. In a sms. The DA lied to voters telling them not to support small parties, as they are the only party that can remove the ANC from power, and like sheep the uneducated voters queued in front of voting stations voting for a party who never during their campaign use their manifesto or constitution in any of their campaign speeches. 

They voted for a party and for candidates that did not even know what was in their constitution and election manifestos. They voted for a party who, like the ANC, will tell you anything to get your vote and the worst of all is the voters, like the ANC voters, accepted these untrue promises without any questions. The DA tactics were to convince voters to not to vote for a party, but to vote against the ANC, vote for change, but they neglect to tell them what will change, they neglect to tell you that, that promised land is only for the top “brass”, they neglect to tell you that they are changing the den into a slaughter house.

Like sheep these voters ignore the warning of the smaller parties, and follow their masters to this slaughter house, follow their masters because they told them that the slaughter house was the only place where they can stay. Voters never ask their masters questions like, master why are the small parties so small? They never came to the conclusion that they are so small because we don’t vote for them. Well voters a coalition between the DA and the EFF will definitely make the ANC a right wing party in South Africa, as the EFF will not give their seats away, their price will be high, and the DA will exchange their voters for a pot of lentil soup.

Between the voters and the stay away voters, you have managed to keep the small parties small, while the masters fed their new found wolf, their new found ally while you the voter and stay away voter was sleeping. The master will now tell you that they have no other option than to sell your vote, that they had no option than to exchange your vote for power, for self-empowerment, self-empowerment that is so much needed in South Africa that is so much needed for the hard working leaders of the DA.

The Democratic alliance will become the Deceiving Alliance, after all who need democracy if you can deceive the voters so easy, if you can convince your voters to vote for change, change into the unknown, change into the red overalls of the devil you do not know.

Willie Beetge