Saturday, August 20, 2016

Left at the altar by the devil you didn’t know.

When you propose to the devil you do not know, it's sometimes a blessing if he leave you at the altar.

During coalition talks the stage was set for the unusual marriage proposal between the DA and the controversial EFF, one week before the final announcement of “till 5 years do you part”, the first racial controversy was announced on social media, in an effort to distract the gobsmacked DA voters from the final rape of their honest vote to remove the ANC from power. Suddenly the first racial incident as that of Penny Sparrow, hit internet, again an Estate Agent, but this time recorded on video insulting a black police officer. The video and discussions took of well, but crash landed far too soon for the announcement, this video was immediately replaced with the news, that the illusive Penny Sparrow will now appear in court, with lawyers defending herself in a criminal case forthcoming from the “monkey” escapades of a previous statement.

Previously the Sparrow monkey initiation distracted South Africa by hi-jacking the entire media including social media, while the land reform act was discussed in parliament, where the value of property was left in the incapable hands of Municipalities, municipalities to corrupt to manage their own affairs received the right to expropriate land, for the development of the community. This act gave the very right of property away into the hands of the same people who steal the money allocated for development, an open ended act that does not exclude any type of property. The Sparrow debacle kept South Africa in the dark, while the population split in halve, black South Africans offended by Sparrow calling them monkeys, and White South Africans offended by been called racist whenever they partake in any debate surrounding the Sparrow comment on Facebook. Gareth Cliff was removed from idols because he dared to raise and opinion. The government and large political parties found the way to hi-jack the population while introducing laws against the community, against the freedom of speech and against the freedom of the free market system in the Republic. They found a way to introduce a communist system without a peep from the public.

The same trend started immediately when the DA proposed marriage to the EFF, who believe in nationalization of mines and expropriation of white owned land without compensation. The broader base of the DA vote was from the very people that the EFF wanted to destroy, the white South Africans, the land owners who believed that the DA will take the rains from the corrupt ANC, they believed in a vote for change a vote for a better South Africa. It is peculiar how the newly born racial storm disappeared like mist in the sun after Julius Malema, leader of the EFF, announced that they will leave the DA at the altar, when he announced that coalitions will not happen between the EFF and the DA or with the ANC.

Left with on your one knee on the carpet and a wedding ring in your right hand has never been such a blessing for South Africa, a blessing for the mislead voters and for the citizens of Tshwane and Johannesburg.

Willie Beetge

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