Saturday, August 13, 2016

Diversity coalitions and the FF+

My view on the Freedom Front Plus

Diversity of ethical groups, languages, races and aspiration of each group has been the artist canvas of the political painting of the future of South Africa, the painting where each group want to be recognised, uplifted and protected within a constitution of equal rights, where each ethical group want to remain unique under a prosperous economy with the right of basic human co-existence. The need for proper understandable education, self-determination, the right to job opportunities, basic fundamental representation in the political arena became of utmost importance to the people of South Africa.

The Freedom Front Plus embraces the diversity and make-up of our nation, and the need to lead and represent these people into a future of coalition governance. A political organisation that stand against racism and any form of discrimination, an organisation who believe that we cannot change the past, but surely the future. It is of no value to dwell on the injustices of the past, it is of no value to rectify injustices from the past with new injustices into the future.

The basic right of representation cannot be adhere to by one large political party, but rather a coalition of smaller parties who can forward the mandate of their voters into the political arena, who can forward and represent the ethical values, languages and diversity of the voters in the country. Large political parties cannot represent the minority of their voter base, as that will be in conflict with the mandate that their voters gave them, it will violate the basic right to have your vote represented.

The foundation of growth cannot be set in an environment of discrimination, like BBBEE, affirmative action, land reform and race based quota systems, it cannot be founded in any form of race, ethical or language based discrimination. The Freedom Front Plus is therefore the only party that voted against these discriminative practices in parliament, the only party that embrace the diversity and make-up of our population, the only party that do not use their voters as a bargaining chip in exchange for power, power that does not benefit their voters. The Freedom Front Plus believes that voters must vote what they believe, vote for their own determination, they believe that this will force coalitions with larger parties and force the representation of all in South Africa.

The questions that we need to answer;

Can we afford not to follow this type of system in South Africa?

Can we afford to fall into a newly found discriminative large political party system again, who will have no option than to discriminate against their minorities voters?

Willie Beetge

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