Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Dear Mr Mayor
I know you are a busy man with lots of things to do, but we believe that we need a little of your attention here in Amanzimtoti, yes the little town here in the South where the majority of your tax money come from. You remember the little town where your Metro dropped off all your problems before the soccer world cup. The vagrants and prostitutes that you didn’t want the world to see, we are not sure if you dropped them here because you knew we have problem solving skills here in the South, or if you wanted to show us who’s boss, sir.

We are also not sure if the window dressing exercise worked, as I read that a few tourists were raped even after you dumped these people in Amanzimtoti.
Well I write this letter just to remind you that you have forgotten these people here, and they are still stuck on our side-walks, side-walks that you paved 3 times in two months because your engineers forgot that the water pipes that they planned to replace was under the new paving. Now that expensive paving is only home for the footprints of drug dealers and prostitutes, we are really running out of traffic lights and parking areas, Mr Mayor you know places where these vagrants can work and sleep. Now Mr Mayor I am not asking you to put more traffic lights in, as I know it is very expensive, we just asking you to come and fetch these people and take them back, back to the streets your Metro kidnapped them from.

I know it is election month, and the vagrants are not registered to vote, and you need to get good support, but it might be a good time to show that you can fix the things for the taxpayers here in Amanzimtoti.

I would like to thank you as a reasonable man in advance for your prompt response solving this matter

Kind Regards

Willie Beetge

Saturday, June 11, 2016

MY VIEWS ON Black Empowerment in South Africa

The birth of discriminative BEE

I believe strongly that, “you can only help somebody who is willing to be helped”. After the first democratic election in South Africa the ANC, as our newly elected government, promised the black masses that they are now empowered, that as of today you will be employed, that as of today the  colour of your skin will enrich you. They (ANC) immediately started changing top structures of government owned companies by replacing white managers with black managers. These newly found black managers wanted to be helped, but were not willing to take the responsibility of the job. Neither would I be!

They had to rush through the system to ensure that they would have a strong “black” vote in the next election. They left no time for education, no time for training and no time for transformation, the result… total failure. To train a new General manager can take years of training, years of education and years of practical application, something that I would have thought would have been common knowledge for the esteemed new government, for the people who struggled against apartheid in European countries, people who educated themselves while the masses suffered under the “apartheid laws”, which were not applied to the esteemed freedom fighters in Europe. The new Black Empowerment system was ironically only for those who were in exile, those who were protected from the “apartheid laws” those who have befriended the leadership of the ANC. The ANC placed a discriminative system into practice, not only discriminative against white South Africans, but discriminative against black poverty stricken South Africans, South Africans caught in a poorly run education system, a system that do not allow them to catch up with the cadres of the exiled freedom fighters. This education system ensure that South Africans will always be unhappy, where they will always be the working force, the force to drive unrest, the force that will create pedestal hungry politicians the opportunity to make empty promises, to create power where there is none.

After more than 20 years I believe that the empowerment system has failed, not only with the eradication of poverty but with the economy. It has created puppet show style governance, strikes, unrest and enormous damage to the heritage, the schools, Universities and the inherited infrastructure of South Africa. After more than 20 years it has become a discriminative practice against the country, never mind the colour of the people in this country. It caused the unemployment rate to grow, caused the creation of employment to shrink.

The time has come to equalize the playing fields, to allow entrepreneurs of all walks of live to get equal opportunities, opportunities to create the much needed work for the unemployed. I believe that you cannot empower someone who needs to ask his neighbour at night for a piece of bread to feed his family; you cannot empower someone who cannot have self-esteem.

The time has come to place creation of employment ahead of Black empowerment, ahead of the hidden agendas of election drives, and definitely ahead of corruption. The time has come where we need to build, decriminalise our country; the time has come to create an environment where job opportunities can be created for all.   

Fight for your rights, vote Freedom Front Plus, we do not change our policies for votes.