Thursday, August 11, 2016

Will the EFF have enough lentils in their soup to buy the DA

Will the EFF have enough lentils in their soup to buy the DA

Coalition talks became the talk of the moment, after neither the ANC nor the DA managed to secure an outright majority in some of the major Metro districts in South Africa. Suddenly the smaller parties became of utmost importance, became the kingmakers, that after the DA send messages out to all voters before the elections that a vote for small parties are a waste of your vote. This untrue message forced voters believing in the smaller parties to rather not vote, than to stand in long queues to cast a wasted vote. 
This action contributed to a situation where the DA are now sitting with coalition talks with parties like the EFF, a radical left wing party who believe that mines must be nationalised and property must be removed from white owners without compensation. Voters who supported the DA are now sitting with a real problem, where they gave their vote and full mandate to a party that will use it to their own benefit instead of the benefit of the voter.
Did the greed to win blinded the DA or did they plan to eliminate the small parties and have coalitions with the enemy? This question became real during the election when they used their muscle and financial ability to destroy smaller parties, instead of fighting radical parties like the EFF, they convinced their voter to vote blindly, not for what they (DA) stand, but against the ANC. The campaign seems to have worked, as they secured major growth in the currently hang Metro’s of Tshwane, Johannesburg and Nelson Mandela Bay, but are their coalition plans carrying the mandate of the voters, or did they just used them to get to this position? This question will remain hanging, with the hope that some major event will steal the lime light of breaking news, when they announce coalitions signed.
The real question that will stay on my lips will be, will the EFF dish up enough lentils in their soup to hijack the DA into a coalition? and then, will the DA exchange their voters mandate for this pot of lentil soup?

Willie Beetge.

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