Monday, August 15, 2016

Will eff coalition have effect on local government?

Will eff coalition have effect on local government?

Julius Malema and his freedom fighters emerge as the biggest winners in the local elections.

The South African voters and the Democratic Alliance (DA) managed to assist the newly found freedom fighters to become the biggest winners in the local elections, as they became the “kingmakers” in all the major Metros in South Africa. With poor voter education on how the proportional voter system, and the coalitions in South Africa work, voters mislead by the second largest political party, the DA, stream to voting stations under the impression that a vote for the DA will be a vote against the ANC, a vote for change. The voters was not aware that the backdoor was left open for the radical EFF, who believe in nationalisation of mines and land removal from whites without compensation, to become the only viable partners to govern the major Metros. The majority white support for the DA to eliminate the ANC was not aware that their vote for the DA was a vote for the very same party who want to destroy them. The Economic Freedom Fighters of Julius Malema, the very same Malema who like to sing “kill the Boer”. (Boer the slang for white Afrikaners and farmer). The same song that we believe has led to multiple farm murders, mutilations, and rape of the white “boere” (farmers) in South Africa.

With the excuse that this is not a national election but only local, the DA continued with discussions with the EFF, they keep telling the astonished voters that this is about service delivery and not national laws, keep reminding the voters that it is to ensure the fall of the ANC and the corruption associated with the ruling party. Although all these statements are true, it remains our duty and responsibility to ask questions, questions about the integrity and the mandate that voters gave the DA to govern, the mandate for change.
Did the voters give a mandate to the DA to form coalitions with the EFF?

What powers will the EFF have in the local metros and what influence will it have on the voters within these Metros?

And then

Will it strengthen the EFF in the next national election, and will the DA have the right to form a national coalition with the EFF?

Personally I do not believe that the white voters gave the DA a mandate to form a coalition with the EFF, I do not believe that the DA has the right to enter into this coalition or even coalition talks with the EFF.

On the second question, we need to look at the influence that the EFF will have within these large Metros, the newly found control that they will have on contracts within these areas, the control that they will have on distribution of funds and budgets, the control that they will have on tax distributions within these Metros. With a clear communist agenda and the drive to get more votes in the National election will they insist on breaking the current infra structure down to equalise the poverty stricken areas with the business hub within these Metros? Will they insist on squatter camps within the business hub of these Metros, destroying the capitalist systems within these areas?

Then the most obvious question:
Will the DA stand up against these Freedom Fighters and risk to lose their Black vote in the next elections?

One thing is clear; there are more questions than answers, more areas of concern than areas of certainty. 

The DA did keep one promise and that is change, if it will be a change that their voters wanted or not need to be answered.

Willie Beetge

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