Sunday, August 7, 2016


DA wins, but what about their minority voters?

A few weeks ago I warned minority group voters, that a coalition between the EFF and the DA will be on the cards in the major Metro’s, at this point before the municipal elections the DA candidates around South Africa denied and promised their voters that the DA will never do a thing like this, some of them even promised their voters that the DA do not support BBBEE, affirmative action and land reform, that after they voted for all three in parliament. In a sms. The DA lied to voters telling them not to support small parties, as they are the only party that can remove the ANC from power, and like sheep the uneducated voters queued in front of voting stations voting for a party who never during their campaign use their manifesto or constitution in any of their campaign speeches. 

They voted for a party and for candidates that did not even know what was in their constitution and election manifestos. They voted for a party who, like the ANC, will tell you anything to get your vote and the worst of all is the voters, like the ANC voters, accepted these untrue promises without any questions. The DA tactics were to convince voters to not to vote for a party, but to vote against the ANC, vote for change, but they neglect to tell them what will change, they neglect to tell you that, that promised land is only for the top “brass”, they neglect to tell you that they are changing the den into a slaughter house.

Like sheep these voters ignore the warning of the smaller parties, and follow their masters to this slaughter house, follow their masters because they told them that the slaughter house was the only place where they can stay. Voters never ask their masters questions like, master why are the small parties so small? They never came to the conclusion that they are so small because we don’t vote for them. Well voters a coalition between the DA and the EFF will definitely make the ANC a right wing party in South Africa, as the EFF will not give their seats away, their price will be high, and the DA will exchange their voters for a pot of lentil soup.

Between the voters and the stay away voters, you have managed to keep the small parties small, while the masters fed their new found wolf, their new found ally while you the voter and stay away voter was sleeping. The master will now tell you that they have no other option than to sell your vote, that they had no option than to exchange your vote for power, for self-empowerment, self-empowerment that is so much needed in South Africa that is so much needed for the hard working leaders of the DA.

The Democratic alliance will become the Deceiving Alliance, after all who need democracy if you can deceive the voters so easy, if you can convince your voters to vote for change, change into the unknown, change into the red overalls of the devil you do not know.

Willie Beetge