Saturday, July 30, 2016

Prostitution explode in Toti under DA rule

Prostitution explode in Toti under DA rule

Driving through the streets of Amanzimtoti has never been this dangerous, with streets filled with prostitutes, drug peddlers and illegal car guards, roaming the streets at all times of the day and night. 

The alarming fact is that the majority of these activities are happening in ward 97, and that these vagrants have access to municipality owned buildings, where they wash clothes and linen on Sunday morning and afternoons. The mere fact that metro facilities are available brings serious questions if not allegation to the table.

Questions like: Does the councillor in these areas know about the activities? If not the next more serious question are unavoidable: What do councillors do between elections? According to the people in Amanzimtoti the councillors do not respond between elections to any of these or other matters of the tax-payers in ward 97. There are even allegations that the DA council tell people in Beach Road that they are racist if they complain about the vagrants ruling the streets on weekends and December holidays.

During investigation I found that the prostitution and vagrant problems increased dramatically over the past 5 years, ironically this period fall within the period of service of the current councillor of ward 97. I am aware that the allegations are circumstantial and might even be a result of hear-say, but it should at least warrant an investigation into the action or no actions of elected councillors.

It seems to be common practice in South Africa for councillors to ignore the mandate given to them from their voters, a mandate born out of the only democratic right that the voters have their votes. Once elected, councillor’s start driving their own personal agendas, trashing the rights of the very people that they are representing, the very people who gave them a mandate to look after their rights.
I can obviously not say that, that is what is happening in Amanzimtoti, but I have to ask the question. As a responsible citizen I need to investigate if the voters have any rights or not, if the council do what he promised or not.

The DA promise where they govern things are going well, so does the increase in vagrant and prostitution constitute that it is going well, does the fraud allegations in Midvaal constitute that it is going well. Yes I must agree that in Cape Town it is going well, but then through the history Cape Town have a great track record.

So the real question will remain, do the councillor’s keep their promises, do the councillor’s represent their voters.

Willie Beetge