Sunday, July 10, 2016



Dear Mr Maimane

It is always noble to introduce different systems to empower people in South Africa, and as a business man I appreciate your stand against the ANC with their BEE system and your new proposal of how BEE should work in South Africa, sir.
But unfortunately once again the proposed system, like that of the ANC, was done without a proper investigation, and will probably be implemented without any changes. The system Mr. Maimane will really empower me as a business owner, but unfortunately it will destroy the new black empowered worker. Other than you coming up with a dream, I investigated this empowerment long ago, and came to the conclusion that I will destroy my loyal work force by doing this.

At the moment, sir, my employees earn between 65% and 70% of gross profit, so if I decide to give them 51% of my company, they will earn on average at least 14% less per month, but the good news is I will earn 14% more, and that sir is why we would like to thank you for your commitment to the business owners in our poverty stricken country.
The fact that’s bothering me, sir, is that you and your esteemed learned leadership came up with this brilliant plan to address the poverty levels in our beloved country, and you stand unashamed in front of thousands of possible new voters, telling them that you will empower them without the faintest idea of the industry sir.

Sir I will gladly assist you with a working model of empowerment, a model where we represent our voters with real hope, hope that is not found in dreams but in reality. Sir, I am talking about a model that empowers the economy, where the poverty stricken black man can regain his self-worthiness.  

I will assist you because I believe together we are stronger.

Your vote for me will empower you and the poverty stricken population, so if you committed to real change for these people vote for my knowledge.

Yours faithfully, in building a nation

Willie Beetge (Freedom Front plus Amanzimtoti)

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