Friday, July 29, 2016

Open letter to Andre Beetge (DA)

Open letter to Andre Beetge (DA)

Dear Andre

So Andre like the ANC you have decided that it is a good idea to lie to your voters, to send a sms to the people ignoring the constitution of South Africa. I must say you and your party have “balls” to under estimate the voter intelligence to this extent, to think that the population can be fooled with cheap untrue intimidation. I am well aware that this sms started in Pretoria (sorry you will only know it as Tshwane) but I thought your and the DA’s integrity in Amanzimtoti would not have lowered to this level.

Besides the sms I would like to ask you and your supporters a few questions, a few questions on your integrity that you flaunt on social media.

Why did you betray your people and the minorities in Amanzimtoti by supporting your parties vote for BBBEE, while our children in Toti have to find work in other countries, why did you betray your people by supporting your parties vote for stronger affirmative action, while white Coloured and Indian people in Amanzimtoti are struggling against the quota systems. Andre how did it feel to betray your people, when your party voted for land reform against your own people, against the very people who created your heritage, the very people that had to suffer in concentration camps, people who paid with their lives so that you and your family can be here today.

You know Andre I am sure while you were a rugby coach at Toti club, you probably must know how it feels if you have to tell one of your star players, that you cannot take them to represent their province, because you need to take a black player. You probably know how that poor black person feels, when he is known as a quota player, how the talented players of colour feel when everyone labels them as a quota player, but yet you remain steadfast behind a party that promotes these systems. Don’t you feel ashamed when you tell your minority group supporters that you will represent them with the party that trashes their rights.

Andre I fail to see the difference between you and the ANC councillors, suddenly you all start doing something, posting on social media only because the election is around the corner. Have you kept a list of the things you have done in Amanzimtoti, did you add that prostitution has exploded during your time as councillor, that the drug trade has flourished under your control, or shall we blame it on the mayor, apartheid or even Jan van Riebeeck.

You know Andre I will rather lose an election before I betray my friends and people of my town with stories that is untrue. Perhaps I am too hard on you Andre, perhaps you have lived the lie so long that you actually believe it, perhaps you betray the minorities because you believe that they have no rights, and perhaps because you only fight for your own survival. You know Andre in your defence you are not the only politician that fight for yourself, I think of Pik Botha, Kortbroek van Schalkwyk and suddenly I understand. The question however will your voters understand?

Yes Andre I am in total disagreement with you, but should this country fall I will still come and fetch you and your family, because I will never leave my people behind, I will never betray my people for a pot of lentil soup or a job.

Your slandering sms offended me, it offended the educated voters. This letter should not offend you, as there are no lies in it.

Hope you all of the best for the election not because you represent me at all, but you are still one of my people.


Willie Beetge

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