Wednesday, December 9, 2015

United against the ANC

This video made during Apartheid of the once powerful SADF show how all races in South Africa was defending our borders.
Once one of the top five defense forces in the world, now third in Africa

this video a must see

ANC is killing South Africa

With the ANC BEE Black Economic Empowerment Krygkor one of the best weapon factories in the world had to close due to the replacement of white expert engineers with black inexperience people. The ANC did not allow a slow transformation a transformation of training. thousand of black employees lost their jobs due to this, This was not isolated many South African factories had to close leaving the ANC as the culprits of the huge unemployment in South Africa.

What happened to all this weapons, and the expert defense force members?
Is that why transformation is so slow?

Just asking

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South Africa is burning under the false leadership of the ANC and the EFF