Saturday, December 5, 2015

coalition between the DA and EFF

DA   EFF coalition my view

Since the first democratic elections which also became the landmark of the collapse of the South African economy, the Democratic alliance relied on the votes of White South Africans with the no other option theory. 

The fear of a two third majority ANC forced the white South African citizens to vote for the strongest opposition party. This case scenario is however not the case any longer, that after the DA voted their full support for the most discriminative system Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) and the redistribution of land from white farmers to the government (ANC) whom will allow previous disadvantage black people to farm these lands. This move aligned them well with policies of the second largest opposition party the EFF (economic freedom fighters), who at this stage is just the more radical version of the DA. This alignment brought the question of a coalition government to the table.

They now have enough common ground to move into a coalition, some of the important differences between the DA and the EFF are their policies on Nationalization or at least so we all hope.
With the EFF preaching economic freedom under Nationalization (communism) and the last time I checked the DA believed in privatization of companies and large state owned enterprises. I will however be careful to announce that this did not change. For the voter the major differences are, with the EFF you know what they stand for whereas with the DA you guess which way they will turn. It is however clear that there is a possibility for a coalition. The question at this stage will be: where does that leave the white and coloured voters of South Africa? The question is relevant especially if you look at the anti-white slogans and statements that Julius Malema from the EFF keep screaming from his soapbox opera, slogans like kill the boer (Afrikaner) and we will take the land by force, all can be constituted as hate speech against the white population of the country. How will the DA handle this?

Possible effects of such a coalition might include the break away from the white and possibly the colour vote from the DA, following parties like the freedom front plus who are fighting all discriminative practices especially for the minority groups in the country. It might include a break away movement from the radical members of the EFF, which might just leave both parties hanging on strings in a coalition to keep them in parliament. Then on the other hand it might remain intact and force the ANC out of their stronghold. Discussions of such a coalition will need to include who will lead the coalition, will they all dress in red overalls or not. And then the biggest discussion will be the economic policies will both follow the communist route or the capitalist route.

I believe such a coalition will swing the balance of parliament leaving no moderate party; this might make the ANC look like a right wing movement, with moderate views. The freedom front plus should gain from such a coalition with mass of white and minority group supporter moving more towards a right capitalist view.

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  1. The EFF have said in the recent past that anybody they pair with will have to be in agreement with their principle tenants which inclde Land expropriation without compensation on the other hand they are funded by the same individuals in London who fund the DA.

    As you say, something or somebody will have to give up their demands. The ANC are also rumored to be courting the EFF in certain metros although Malema is demanding that JZ will have to step down in order for this to happen, the ANC war veterans have also issued a statement which says that JZ will never step down so it appears the DA & EFF will need to join forces.


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