Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Bloody hands in the name of peace

 From Terrorist to hero, 

The Amanzimtoti bomb blast on 23 December 1985 that claim 5 lives and leave 40 people injured is still a event that the people in Amanzimtoti will never forget, survivors of the bomb and family members of those killed by the limpet mine planted by Andrew Zondo now have to drive down the main road called after the bomber. Did this set the president that the government do not care for the people of the new rainbow nation? Did this set the president that murder of innocent women and children are an heroic act if it is done within the framework of the ANC government? And then the most important question, How can a government who were prepared to kill women and children condemn any uprising against them?
If this brutal murders are worthy of a street name, where is the street names called after police men that killed people in the Marikana incident?

Shocking images of the senseless act, as a little girl is carried from the bomb site 

 Church street Pretoria bomb

and now

The farm murders

Is these murders and terror attacks linked, did Nelson Mandela also gave his blessing for these senseless murders. Can these farmers retaliate by planting bombs to fight for their freedom?
Will they be the new freedom fighters, the new street names in our towns?

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