Thursday, December 3, 2015

ANC mass murder of Black people in the name of liberation

ANC liberate South Africa with mass black murders
The following article by Sipho Masombuka highlight the mass murders of black people, by Nelson Mandela’s ANC military wing.
We are looking forward to the release of this documentary in January, that is if the ANC does not ban it before release

“Afriforum: ANC war was more on blacks
Sipho Masombuka from Sunday times wrote on the | 03 December, 2015 00:19
“Afrikaner interest group AfriForum has raised the ire of the ANC with a film documenting how the party used its armed wing for the brutal and mass murder of members of black rival organisations to emerge as the country's sole liberator

According to the synopsis of the film Tainted Heroes, to be released in January, it follows the "untold" story of how the ANC underwent strategic training in Vietnam to implement the destructive "people's war" strategy against rival organisations such as the PAC, Azapo and Inkatha Freedom party.
"It illuminates how the ANC's armed struggle was more a struggle against black rivals than against the apartheid system," reads the synopsis.
It details how 20000 mostly black South Africans lost their lives by necklacing, torture and assassination in the 1980s.
It features extensive interviews with, among others, former apartheid regime police commissioner General Johan van der Merwe, former uMkhonto we Sizwe chief-of-staff General Sphiwe Nyanda, former chief of the SA Defence Force Constand Viljoen, struggle veteran and former minister of intelligence, Ronnie Kasrils, black consciousness activist and current Azapo deputy president, Strike Thokoane, and former DA leader Tony Leon.
At yesterday's screening of the trailer in Pretoria, Mangosuthu Buthelezi said the ANC saw the IFP as a threat and unleashed its "people's war" on the IFP.
He said that in April 2002 Nelson Mandela said in a recorded interview that he (Buthelezi) was a "target for annihilation by the ANC".
Azapo deputy president Thokoane said not a single white person died by necklacing. Those who died were members of black consciousness movements.
"We never thought we would die at the hands of our brothers so that one organisation could say 'we liberated you'," he said.
ANC spokesman Zizi Kodwa slated the film as a production by "fossils" of apartheid.
"They are remnants, relics of the racist past who cannot change their hatred of the democratic state and the black majority. They want to discredit a struggle against a system that was a crime against humanity," he said.”

Will this documentary ever see the light of day? The answer to this question will highlight the freedom of speech in South Africa