Wednesday, December 2, 2015

reply to Max Du Preez insanity

Reply to Max Du Preez article

See Max I refuse to be politically correct, political correctness or alliance never tell the story as it is.

Max you were obviously busy with some political positioning at the time.
The ANC had no option than to do it peacefully. The Defense force would have surpressed an revolution within a few days, the economic situation of the country was not that bad, that is if you compare it with the situation now. As special forces were awaiting orders, with the ability to go into full scale war with ammunition that could last up to three years. 

While you were writing cover stories hiding behind the skirt of Winnie Mandela we were fully prepared for a possible civil war. Now a few other facts that the skirts of the cadres hide from you. All the leaders of the ANC including you were watched carefully and could have been removed from this earth within 30min at any time. You must keep in mind that the Angolan war was over, and all the troop, ammunition and expertise were available, we talking the force that kept Russia, Cuba and the Angolan forces at bay for years. 

The small diss-organized MK forces were an afternoons job, as the special forces knew exactly where they were and how they were moving, Their intel were good and accurate they have infiltrated all ways of live of the revolutionary troops,and the ANC who by the way did not cause the fall of South Africa. The propaganda that you ran for the ANC also seems to have been off the cuff, as I see you have changed your story since. 

To conclude they had no option than to talk, the so called bloody revolution that you are trying to portray was and is a myth. But I suppose as a journalist without a well researched story this one could and did give you some publication

Even if I am critical about Max, I still believe in a non racial solution in South Africa, I believe that South Africa can once again become the financial leader in Africa. That is if we decide to forget the past and strive towards a true multi cultural community, one without discrimination and practices of discrimination like BEE (after 20 years). The country can only be successful if we can have a non communistic leader, a leader with integrity and the strive to solution, a leader that place the country first and his political party second 

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