Thursday, December 3, 2015

press camouflage the real issues

Press camouflage and conspiracy theories

                                                                    the contradictions
We all live in a world with continues racial and class tension, where the crime stats preach of racial division, a world where political correctness and freedom of speech is under pressure not to find the real solutions for this divisions. We see that politicians get suspended for discussing solutions on social media or giving an opinion that is not political correct according to their parties. Are we the generation that will witness the end of freedom of speech, freedom of the press and suppression of all those that dare to find a solution?

We witness the rise of a world with no ethical values, controlled under the new camouflage of media silence, where racial and religious tension is at the order of the day. I see a world where presidents and parliaments live in denial, where public speeches of presidents and political leaders are built on lies, and where the press has become the weapon of mass destruction, where any journalist is prevented of reporting the truth, a world where political journalist like Max Du Preez is forced to write stories build on theories just to have something to publish. And if you dare to tell it as it is you become an extremist, a threat to world safety and security. I see political events where presidents and politicians make press releases of peace while their fighting jets are in the air violating the air space of the very religion that they are protecting in the speech to the press.

A clear example of this is where the ANC remove the commando system protecting the farmers in South Africa, with the result that thousands of farmers are mutilated and murdered. When NGO’s and political minorities ask the government to prioritise these murders, they (the government) deny that the murders are politically driven, and that after they sing “kill the farmer “on political rallies.
Julius Malema leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters currently touring Europe to gain support for his radical view, are making speeches totally in contradiction to the speeches and actions he take at home. His views on Robert Mugabe jump to mind and no official press release on the contradictions. Well I suppose that it is possible that Julius was thinking that no one at home will hear his speeches, as he is so far from home.

Barack Obama praise the Muslims while he declared war on the Islamic state, in the same breath he admit that American taxpayers are funding ISIL, the only question from any media can be found on YouTube and that not from any official media house.

Have the new information age ended under the unethical control of governments across the world, did the time come to mushroom the masses of the world, keeping them in the dark and feed them with well matured compost.

If this is true the world might be doomed under the bright light of shadow forces, does this mean that the conspiracy theories is now the closest to the truth available for the general population? Has racial hate becomes the diversion of attention to enable leader to move undetected to their new world order? Just asking

What happened to old fashion proper investigative journalism?

And then the real question:

What happened to the good ethical leadership in the world?
Is the conspiracy theorist correct if they claim that third forces are at play, that the leaders are only puppets to lead the blind to the slaughter houses? Just asking

Willie Beetge

                                                               Fighting them

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