Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Who is who in the syrian Zoo

Who is who in the zoo

Russian war plane shot down by Turkey

According to CCN the western world and NATO approved the action of the Turkish, shooting down the Russian jet early yesterday morning. The Russians claimed that the jet did not violate Turkish airspace. President Putin the Russian president has called it a stab in the back, claiming that the plane was at no point a danger to the Turkish.

The Russian aircraft according to Putin was flying towards ISIS targets, NATO claims that the Russians has used the route close and over Turkey to launch attacks against Syrian rebel forces.
The question now is, did the US lead NATO and Turkey draw the line on Russian involvement and how will Russia react to new line drawn in the sand?

The statement by Russian president that “this is a stab in the back” can shake the entire regions cages, forcing countries to decide if they support the Russian attacks on ISSIS or if they sympathize with the NATO and the Turkish government. Will the support from Russian after the French terror attacks swing the French support towards Russia or will the French government follow NATO and the USA condemning the Russian involvement?

The one thing that is clear at this stage is that there is no longer place on the fence, none of the countries can any longer sit on the fence approving the Russian attacks and stance of the USA and NATO at the same time.
The final questions that will hang over the outcome of the investigation will be.

Who will become who in the Syrian Zoo?

Will the Russians stop their attacks on ISIS allowing them (ISIS) to recover and regroup?

The cages of support has now been cleared and awaiting countries to claim them, on the one side it will be the ISIS supporters and on the other side the cages for those fighting ISIS.