Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Presidential speeches, press releases and general introduction of law have become more and more questionable. The power that the rulers have and the influence of the taxpayer and voters have deteriorated over the past few decades.

I am looking at non taxpayers running through the streets of Europe, Africa and The USA, demanding that the president and their parliaments listen to them, demanding while burning the infrastructure belonging to the tax-payers, voters and law obeying citizens to ashes. Armed with slogans and banner the mobs rip and shatter windows looting shops in the name of peace and basic human rights. Peace that only belong to the most brutal mob, to the mob that create the most havoc the mob that burn and cause the most destruction and injure the most innocent on the streets. They demand that the laws prosecuting them be changed, that the police officers must stand down all in the name of order and peace.

On a soap box I see an instigator screaming untrue slogans to whip the crowd up, initiating a mob mentality with the instinct of a pack of wolves. For the moment the soapbox occupier has the power and he loves it, his power only last while the mob has something to protest about and will become zero if the mob achieves their aims. He cannot allow peace as that will remove his new found power from him, he need to keep the requests out of reach for the authorities to ensure that he remain the king of the soap box.

Tax-payers sit in front of their television sets watching the havoc down the streets, watching how the soap box king order the hungry wolves to destroy their contributions to the infrastructure, and this all in the name of human rights.

Funny that the human right fighters normally do not contribute any tax money to the maintenance of the human rights that they demand, funny how begging has become a right, how the man with the hat in the hand has become the potential president of tomorrow. How the soap box intimidator become a political figure as long as he can maintain the chaos in the streets.

The new requirement for a president seems to be the one that can instigate the wolves, not any longer the one with an educational background, with the knowledge of how to build an economy. If he cannot maintain the level of control on the soap box he has become nothing, his knowledge and educational ability has become irrelevant.

Against the walls you see the law enforcement agencies using shields to protect themselves from the peace seeking mob, withholding their ability to protect as that will be politically incorrect. I see how many Law officers bleeding from their heads where the peaceful protesters have injured them. In the mob I recognise the people that are only here to destroy, the people who does not even belong in the country, but they demand rights that not even the law obeying citizens and tax payers have.

I see how presidents react remain politically correct by giving the crowd what they want, the soapbox man has now lost his power. I see how he start chanting that whatever was given was not enough, he start projecting his voice with new demands, demands that the crowd did not even know about when they joined the peaceful charge through the streets.

The questions hammering in my confused mind are:

When will the wolf crowd be satisfied?

When will the soapbox puppet become a man with gratitude?

Then the main question:
Did these beggars organise the march or is there some other political agenda behind it?
Once again I remember that the South African president is a convicted man, a man without any future after the presidency, I realise that his training was how to destroy the infra structure of the country, I remember that his party once were the soapbox operators, the initiators of havoc.

The question remain
Who pull the strings and who follow the strings of the puppets in parliament?

Willie Beetge