Thursday, November 26, 2015

the soap box rulers of anarchy

Soapbox "Killing the whites" with Julius Malema

Not only Black South Africans lost land during the apartheid rule, but also the Afrikaner. From the period where white Afrikaner left the Cape, then under the rule of the British Empire, they have acquired land from the local Black inhabitants of the then south Africa.

During the Apartheid rule that follow lot of these farmers and settlers were moved to make place for the homelands for the Black South Africans.
The then tribal leaders signed treaties with the Boer trekkers, they barter and exchange land for cattle, protection against the rule of Shaka the Zulu king. During this article I will look at one of the treaties made directly with the Zulu King at the time.

The piece of land in question known as Port Natal and all the land annexed to it from the Tugela westwards to the Omsoboebo river in the west, to the North as far as the land is workable and under control of the Zulu Kingdom, was traded if the Boer nation could recover 9000 cattle that was stolen from the Zulu Kingdom. Once the contract was concluded a document was signed to transfer this land.

Under the apartheid rule this and many similar acquired land was redistributed to become homelands and tribal owned land. These contracts of the predecessors give the Afrikaner land claims larger than even that of King Goodwill, making the claims of stolen land for the masses unlawful.
The point that I try to make is that redistribution of land cannot be classified under the banner that all land was stolen by the apartheid government from the original people of the area. The process is much more complex.

The claims of parties with the likes of Julius Malema’s Economic Freedom fighters claiming that all land was stolen, is only a soapbox operators control of the poor masses in the country. They claim that they will deliver Economic Freedom to the people, using their Nationalisation policies. Yes we all know that that the Nationalisation and economic freedom does not exist in the same sentence, but the poor people running and rioting through the streets in their name does not understand that Nationalisation is where the government take everything and only make you workers, workers with no economic freedom, Workers with no property rights, workers that cannot partake in the economical processes and business rights in the country. They do not see that the soapbox dwellers are chasing after the gold for themselves and not for the people of the land; they do not understand that they are merely pawns in the process of anarchy and that this anarchy must prevail to keep the soapboxes and wealth with their leaders.

Parties and movement occupy soapbox control, lying to the same people that allow them the control, it always make me wonder what these so called corrupt leaders will scream from their stages if all the land was redistributed, if the people that kept them on their podiums are now satisfied with no more need for them.

Will parties with the like of the EFF have any purpose in a peaceful South Africa; will Unions under COSATO have any sunlight if the anarchy in South Africa becomes a peaceful process of building the country for all? Will their shadows whip up new lies to keep the population in the dark, to enable them to continue the corrupt control?

When will the people realise that their heroes are merely the new thieves of their rights, they are merely the “New order”, the new “Apartheid” leaders? This will only happen if the masses are educated, educate to understand the difference between economic freedom and communism.
Is this the reason why government do not educate the people; is this the reason why the Education system remains a failure in the country?

To conclude I believe that the podiums of radical leaders cost their followers more than just money, it cost them their right to a peaceful existence. These people live in a crime invested environment, where their lives are worth nothing and that all to keep the soapbox dwellers in control. We can see that all land did not even belong to the black people when apartheid started, we see that trade and peace did exist pre-apartheid.
The control the crime and the murders have become a trademark under the newly found corrupt government, murders to keep the anarchy alive, murders against black and white, murders against white farmers. Brutality that is unknown to a civilised world and that all in the name of peace, in the name of the soapbox control of the masses.
You the so called leader of the people should be ashamed of your selfish actions, of you gold digging mentality.