Saturday, November 28, 2015

political motivation for farm murders

Farm Murders in South Africa

Since the fall of “apartheid” in South Africa, under the leadership of Nelson Mandela, farm murders have become the order of the day. In South Africa today under President Jacob Zuma it is more dangerous to be a white farmer than a policeman and that in a country where crime is totally out of control, a country where crime, rape organised crime and murder has become so normal that the press does not even publish anything about these crimes anymore.

                                                   does this look like a normal crime scene motivated by theft

The farm murders with brutal association of torture believed to be politically motivated have claimed the lives of thousands of innocent farmer. Farmers burned with warm ironing irons, strangled and rape, tortured by their murderers are according the current government only a normal scenes of crime, where they believe the farmer was just an easy target for the criminal.

                                                these graphic image is not that of normal theft motivated crime

The government and associated left wing parties propagate that farm murders are normal and not politically motivated although the brutality of the scenes, the way in which the farmers are killed are everything but normal. 
                                                Why is this farmer murdered outside if the murderers was 
                                                 only after his belongings inside his home

NGO’s like Afriforum and political minority parties have asked government to prioritise these murders, but the ANC government refused. They (the government) claim that the farm murders are no different from the murders in town ships around South Africa, where black on black murders are also occurring daily, where rape and the brutal murders against anyone that do not agree with their murderer ‘s point of view are mutilated and burned. Now if this is true that the farm murders are the same than the political murders of black against black, murders that occur between the Inkhata Freedom Party supporters and the ANC supporters, in which case I fail to understand the government’s propaganda that the farm murders are not politically motivated. I fail to understand that the comparison between clear black on black politically motivated murders and farm murders can exclude the political agenda against farmers.

It is no secret that the ANC (African National Congress of Nelson Mandela) and especially the EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters of Julius Malema) are fighting for the redistribution of land, especially farm land. It is no secret that they are buying up farms Nationalise them and then allow black followers to occupy the land. Both the ANC and the EFF are complaining that the redistributions of land are too slow. Is there then no motivation to intimidate farmers, to implement terror attacks on farms to force these farmers to leave their land?
Before I move on from the redistribution of land I need to bring it under your attention that the black population does not benefit from the redistribution program.

                                        Is it  a normal crime to leave a child with a bible and the iron they burned                                             him with, is this brutality normal?

Why do I say that?

Very simple, the new black empowered owner of the land does not get ownership of the land, the land remain the property of the government with no right for the new owner to trade with the land, to use it as security for loans, to make it part of his or her inheritance to their children.
Is this because the ANC want the people without land so that they will not oppose the government when it take land, do the ANC keep black voters poor without rights so that they will always fight the battles of the ANC

I will however discuss this corrupt enrichment system in a later article.

The question if there is no political motivation behind the brutal farm murders can simply be answered.  The government will be in control of more and more land if the white farmers abandon their land and therefore I believe that there is definitely political gain of the terrorist attacks on farms. It is therefore possible that the government is correct in part of their statement, where they say that there is no difference between farm murders and black on black politically motivated murders.  It is clear that political motivation for these brutal murders can exist, it is clear that the allegations of Genocide watch and Afriforum is not totally unfounded.  It is clear that there is political and financial control gained by these politicians if the white farmers move from their farms out of fear for their lives.

How can it not be politically motivated if the President sing “kill the “boer” (farmer), If Julius Malema from the EFF sing kill the boer (farmer)? I fail to understand how the order through the song that their followers sing with them cannot be seen as instigation to murder. Is the order from political leaders to kill not the very reason why minorities claim that the farm murders are politically motivated?

Carte Blanche run this investigation

The farm murders might even be coordinated by the government, why else will murderers walk out of court due to lack of evidence, evidence as simple as fingerprints, why would the ANC run police forget to take fingerprints at a brutal murder investigation. Is it because it is a white farm murder or did the ANC just employed incompetent police officers. Is police officers selected on the base that the criminal must go free? If this is the case the ANC must be an organised crime organisation.

Is this why Jacob Zuma talk to well-known crime syndicates, why does he negotiate with favours in exchange for votes with these crime bosses if he is committed to fight crime. Perhaps I must presume that Jacob Zuma is innocent of collaborating with crime bosses, which will them make him and his government guilty of orchestrating the mass murders and possible genocide in South Africa

I find it difficult to believe the government, do you?

Watch the video of The President singing the song

Watch the video where EFF leader sing “kill the farmer”