Tuesday, November 24, 2015

breaking news russian warplane shot down in Turkey

Russian War shot down by Turkey

At the moment is not yet clear who will be held responsible for the war plane going down. Both the Russians and the Turks have their own view of the incident.

The Russians claimed that the plane was shot down on the Syrian side of the border, While the Turkey government claim that the plane transgressed into their airspace, at this time I cannot verify any of the account as all my information is based on "hear say"

I do however have a few questions.
The Turkish government claim that they warned the Russian plane 10 time before it was shot down, my question is:
What was the warning, did they warn him to leave Turkish air-space immediately, or did they ask him to land? this question will be extremely important during the investigation and might swing the outcome totally.

If the plane was asked to leave the airspace and was shot down on the Syrian side of the border, it might just mean that the Turkish F 16's was in the wrong, if however they asked the Russian plane to land and it ignored the commands the outcome can swing.
The main political question will however be, did the Turkeys government send a clear message to Russia that they are supporting the Islamic state in their clash against Russia.

I will post as soon as I have more information.

If you have any reliable information please comment on the post

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