Friday, November 20, 2015

The world is burning and we finance it

ISIS infiltrate Europe with the so called refugees, I will call them so called until they comply with the definition of refugees. When war break out in my country we move the women and children as refugees to other regions, we do not move the men and leave the women and children. According to me the refugees are part of the infiltration plan of ISIS, the biggest tragedy is the fact that the victims in the Paris murders have paid tax money allowing their government to set up refugee relieve programs, a relieve program that allow ISIS to infiltrate the country. The two swear word in the Western civilisation that cause the gap for the ISIS plan is “political correctness and racism”. 

The ISIS or ISIL (Barak Obama interpretation) violence is not new, the same tactics were used in South Africa by the ANC to destabilise the country. The western countries with their newly found “political correctness” supported the murders of innocent black civilian’s in South Africa to achieve the destruction and destabilisation of the country. Innocent black people were burned alive, stoned to death in the streets of South Africa, any person that did not agree with the “politically correct ANC were brutally murdered. ISIS or ISIL did exactly the same. These murders did not stop after the ANC under Nelson Mandela came to power in South Africa in fact it intensified and spread to the white population. Murders paid for by western and white South African tax money.

Any terrorist group thrive under destabilisation, they thrive under unrest conditions and they prey on the political correctness and racism driven by the liberal governments in the West. Unrest and destabilisation is so much part of these groups that even when they come into power they do not know how to remain in power without it. Their primary aim is based in power and self-enrichment
Let me explain these aims with examples from my own country

The minority of South Africans are paying tax in an effort to be political correct and to build the country up; this same minority is victims of crimes committed by the government with their tax money. When I make this statement I refer to the numerous farm murders of white South African citizens and the refusal of the government to handle it as a priority crime.

The only reaction of government on agriculture in South Africa is the redistribution of Land, and all the efforts to do so have been a huge failure. The redistributed land has become unproductive with a real threat to the food security in the country. White farmers are paying tax and the same tax money is used to redistribute their land. White South Africans (not farmers) are paying tax to a bankrupt government in an effort to create a stable economy, in an effort to assist with work creation for the under privilege in the country. 

The Budget shows that there is not enough funds to build houses for the poor, but there is enough to build a presidential home of millions, there is enough to buy a presidential plain, that out class even the presidential planes of first world countries.
During the same budget meetings the defence and police budgets come under question, with the result that we do not have enough policemen and women to protect the tax payers in South Africa, but we have enough money to have the largest cabinet in the world. We have enough money to buy the most expensive vehicles on the market for all these cabinet members. We have enough money to allow the Chinese to import tax free into South Africa, to put pressure on the economy with product previously made in South Africa. We have enough money to allow companies to lay off thousands of workers due to imports.

Some of the government enrichment schemes does not make sense, take the enormous amount of money spend on the arms deal, where the president made millions in corrupted bribe money, but at the same time we cut our defence budget, made the military so small that they cannot operate the new arms acquired. We opened our borders to all African countries to come in and work, but our own unemployment figures are horrendous.

The possible genocide of white South Africans became a reality, although the majority of tax money is paid by the same people. Farmers and white South Africans are murdered at an alarming rate, without any assistance from government. Farm murderers are arrested and released due to lack of evidence, evidence as simple as finger prints are not collected at these crime scenes. This lack of evidence is the responsibility of the government employed police force paid with the tax money of the very same person brutally murdered.

Over the past twenty years the white tax payers and the Black voters were the most neglected in the country. Education, health care, safety and security and the general infra structure has collapsed, while the cadres of the ANC have thrived.
If I look at the farm murders, the lack of government interest, if I look at the redistribution of land and the drive to eliminate the Afrikaans language I can probably build a very interesting conspiracy theory around the facts and statistics. Such a conspiracy theory will at least lift the blame of incompetency of the government.

As we can see the ANC government are committed and stay committed to destabilise the country, to ensure that the country is in uprising, while their pockets are filled with the fruits of corruption. While in the eyes of the politically correct west they are the God send to Africa. This atrocity is funded with western and South African tax money. Money that you and I pay enabling the terrorist to destabilise us.

Political correctness and racism has driven the west in support of communism where the state (government) has all the benefits and the voters (at this stage) are the pawns destabilising the country in order for them to rule.

The undoubtable question will be, how long will the tax payers tolerate the abuse before they will follow the avenues so clearly laid down by the ANC and ISIS, to strike and run like un mannered idiots through the streets, burning cars and necklace (the practice to use tyres filled with petroleum around someone’s neck and set them alight in the streets) anyone not agreeing with them.?

How long will it take before we reject political correctness and start making a live for us the voters and tax payers, creating work for the unemployed and reject the money hunger terrorist groups and world controlling banking systems?

The world is burning and you are paying for it to burn!!!!!

Willie Beetge